Du & jag mormor

With the patience only a grandmother has for her granddaughter, and the patience of a granddaughter, waiting for the result, the both of them clearly enjoys this moment, fixing the hair, the old fashioned way.


The background is made of white cardstock, dots of turcoise overpainted with gesso and then I’ve done a patterned grid in it, partly showing the colour beyond. Finally some swirls stamped under the photo.

The inspiration for the LO comes from Scrapfriends Challenge #13. As always a great sketch!

I’m also participating in the challenge at Scraphaugen, where the challenge is to do your own background. The example is so neat:


It inspired me using the colour I already love, and next time I’ll also do my journaling directly on the LO.


3 thoughts on “Du & jag mormor

  1. Herlig blåfarge du har hentet igjen fra bildet, og en fin fin bakgrunn du har laget her på denne LO’en din…takk for at du er med å leker med oss hos Scraphaugen

  2. A brilliantly made background. Herlig og kreativ bruk av forskjellige medium. Fargene på bakgrunnen står så flott i stil til det herlige bildet. Takk for at du tok utfordringen inn hos oss på Scraphaugen 🙂

  3. Tøfft! Artig å bruke stempler på bakgrunnen! Koslg bilde da!
    Takk for at du leker med oss i scraphaugen!

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