Premiär för skidåkaren Vera

Äntligen fick så Vera gå i skidskola, hyra egna skidor en hel vecka, och åka precis så mycket skidor (och lift!) hon ville! Skidskolan tröttnade hon på efter en dag, men inte på skidåkandet. Eller på att prova alla liftarna 🙂

This is my contribution to Scrapfriends Sketch Challenge #11.


Its my youngest daughter, finally having her own pair of skis, and have just learnt how to ski!

I loved the sketch with the cluster of small stuff beside the two photos, and that everything is a little bit unstraightened, offhandedly throwed out. I have just buttons, snow stars and washi together with some pearls and doodling to try to get the same effecy.


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